End-to-end information flow for all participants
with the new NC Viewer

In modern operations, the manufacturing processes become more and more standardized. From proposal to the finished product, the CAD/CAM working model moves through a multitude of stations. It is absolutely necessary to bundle in the model file the expert knowledge that exists along the whole process chain and to make this growing dataset available to the downstream employees in a structured and clear format. The interface between NC programming and the workshop is a central component. As the last link in the chain, the workshop employees are confronted with the task of obtaining all the information they need from comprehensive milling programs, and of reacting quickly and flexibly to real situations.

The Tebis Viewer is indispensable in the workshop

Because all manufacture-relevant databases are integrated in a user-friendly manner, the Tebis NC Viewer is the connecting link between state-of-the-art computer-aided processes and many years of practical experience in the workshop. All participants will move into the digital data world. Paper documentation is not required.

With an automatically generated toolset, the user at the tools setup will realize immediately which tools are to be taken from standard sets and which and which need to be combined in a specific order. He can also see which tools are already present in the machine magazine. They can thus synchronize required tools with available ones and change the programming length or exchange the holder. The collision check permits a quick verification of the suitability of the modified tool for the application.

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By way of standardized databases, virtual tools can be adjusted without any problem to the current job situation. Zoom

During mechanical manufacturing, the machine operator can view and simulate the toolpaths supplied by NC programming, and obtain information for manufacturing all relevant backgrounds, such as blank and part geometries, individual setups, and the used tools. The technology parameters used (RPM or feed rate) can also be adjusted as required, and milling parameters (cutting depth or stepover) can be viewed in the job plan. The spontaneous transfer to a different machine control is also possible, as is the direct output of NC paths from the job plan.

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Upon verification of all essential parameters, it is assured prior to the NC output that the milling machining will be perfectly performed at the machine. Zoom

The Tebis NC Viewer is the perfect add-on to the Tebis Geometry Viewer. Together, they complete the process chain from preparation of a proposal to mechanical manufacture and assembly.