Automatic plane recognition

? I have a part with several planes where the same allowance is to be maintained during roughing with the RPLAN function. For this, I use the PLANE function to place design planes on the planes of my part and move them in Z by the desired allowance. I then define these planes as part surfaces. Is there an easier way to do this?

Since version V3.4 R1, the RPLAN function for automatic plane recognition has been available for roughing. Different planes on the part are recognized and cleared automatically. The predefined allowance and wall thickness remain constant.

Here's how you do it:

1. Select the desired job in the NC job administration and click “Elements.”

2. Select the desired blank and part surfaces.

3. Click "Automatic" to activate plane recognition.

4. Start the NC job.

5. The comparison between the machined and the original part using the ANALYSE/COMPARE function shows a constant allowance of 2 mm on all planes.

Other tips:

In the CNF menu (Settings/NC-processing/Roughing), you can define the size starting from which surfaces will be taken into account in plane recognition. The size is defined as a percentage of the cutter diameter.

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  • In the Quick Reference Guide, follow the CADCAM/NC3AX/RPLAN path to find more detailed information about calculating roughing programs.