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Automating the mold-insert process

Despite a lot size of just one, injection mold manufacturing still includes some tiresome routine tasks – such as electrode manufacturing. At Rausch Formenbau, an automated process has liberated employees from this routine. The resultant 60 percent increase in efficiency in this area has freed the company’s staff to concentrate on the essentials: their competence in plastics and mold manufacturing.
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Outstanding individually – Even stronger combined

By combining the modules, each of which provides crucial advantages for the manufacturing process, the individual strengths are bundled. The Tebis process tools contribute considerably to the reliability of each manufacturing process. The tools’ features simplify the design process and automate the 2.5 milling and drilling machines, while the Viewer provides information access and the Simulator ensures smooth manufacturing. The solution options are manifold and flexible, so it’s important to determine which combinations will provide you with maximum progress.
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Tebis management seminar and Open House 2009

On July 9 and 10, our seminar and our Open House will concentrate on the topic of “Staying profitable” – because, in the current climate, it’s more important than ever to ensure your own profitability. And as soon as the economic situation improves, companies with newly optimized processes will enjoy a strong market position. What do such optimization measures look like? That will be the key topic of our event.
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