Tebis Version 4.0 Part 2 - It’s show time!

Let the countdown begin—and prepare to be updated on the latest Tebis 4.0 news. The current topics: Automatic... read more

Tebis CAD/CAM technology drives productivity at Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover’s Design Model Operations department was first introduced to Tebis in 1999. Today Jaguar Land Rover... read more

30 years of Tebis

In 2014, Tebis celebrated its founding 30 years ago – a good reason to duly celebrate and review our accomplishments of... read more

Tebis V3.5 R8: New standards and more efficiency for CAD/CAM users

Tebis V3.5 R8 increases the efficiency of your applications: Manufacture with significantly increased machining... read more

Tebis V3.5 R7: The new standard for maximum CAD/CAM productivity

Tebis V3.5 R7: Increase the speed and productivity of your CAD/CAM processes, reorganize your projects more efficiently... read more

A company on track for success

The North American mold manufacturer Hi-Tech Mold & Eng. can look back on an impressive success story. It is so... read more

Competence in the workshop

At Unnaryd Modell AB, the machine operators do their own programming. As soon as a digital 3D model is available, the... read more

Programming with 3 axes, milling with 5 axes

Today, 3-axis manufacturing methods and powerful software ensure excellent surface results in nearly all workpieces. In... read more

Tebis establishes branch office in China

Tebis AG has expanded its international presence once again, founding its own subsidiary in China in June 2012. It aims... read more

Deep holes – short work

With the Tebis solution for gun drilling you will always be on top of your processes. The end-to-end and highly... read more

No-Limit-Custom: Project Panamera Turbo GP-970

No-Limit-Custom in Hüffenstadt, Baden-Württemberg is well-known to Harley Davidson aficionados as a provider of... read more

Multiple setups

Efficiency increases if multiple parts can be machined with one setup. However, many details like collision protection,... read more

Good data – good NC programs

With Tebis, you have high-quality interfaces, employ accurate analysis functions, repair effectively, quickly split... read more

Welcome to Tebis

The Tebis CAD/CAM solutions are found wherever there's a need for maximum efficiency in the process chain, from the CAD model to the finished part. Our customers include most automotive companies and their suppliers, model, mold, and die manufacturers, as well as companies in the aerospace and industrial engineering sectors. An integral part of the Tebis offering are consulting services for effective application of the Tebis CAD/CAM technologies and optimized planning and production processes in your organization. more


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