Version 3.5 R5 

Tebis V3.5 R5: Automatically right

Simple NC programming and immaculate processing at the machining centers are our main objectives. With the new Tebis Version 3.5 Release 5, we consistently pursued this task. The automatic collision avoidance enables carefree operation of the machines, the system independently determines the optimal tool length, machine heads are selected automatically. We have again implemented many automatisms and important enhancements. Read this summary for information about the most important new features, and look forward to the new Release 5.



Optimal tool length

In drilling and standard pocket functions, you now have the "Check Direction" function to determine the optimal tool length based on the collision-relevant protected surface geometries. Select the tool position, calculate the length, and straightaway select the appropriate tool.

Automatic head selection

In order to further simplify NC templates, you can now automate selection of the machine head. Will the machine be changed at a later time? No problem – the system automatically determines the head.

Configuration element

With the configuration element, you can change machine head or collision elements, position additional axes, or transmit instructions to the machine operator. All action changes can be controlled within an NC program. In this way, you can adjust a changed setup situation or change your machine's head – automatically.

Side-driven stepover and downfeed

In all milling functions, you can directly select the contact width and depth of cut from the cutting data options of the tool. You get the maximum value from your tools by using the manufacturer's information. You can choose to display the values as absolute values or as a function of the tool diameter.


Advanced surface design


Do you need to morph parts but keep the silhouette intact? Our BEND CAD function will help you to reach your goal. Select the default deformation, or morph using a bend curve and – a totally new feature – morph in parallel using a predefined direction.



Automatic selection

If requested, the system will search for the optimal tool in MFEAT machining. You specify protected surfaces, and the system compares the tool description with the tool library and selects the tool with the perfect length – fully automatically, of course.

Conic threads

Self-sealing conic threads are standard in mold making, and we provide you with all you need. Create perfect conic threads with the tools, features, machining strategy, and reliable check mechanisms. The matching NPT thread sizes are stored in the system. Mill or drill the threads and seal everything.


3+2-axis milling

Collision avoidance

From now on, obstacles are simply bypassed. Using the new avoidance strategies, the system simply creates a 5-axis simultaneous toolpath when it recognizes a collision with a tool component, and safely moves the ball cutter past the obstacles. An automatism that is greatly reassuring.


Because time is money, we continuously try to improve the calculation times. We focus on both the response time of the job manager and the calculation time in roughing. And we have achieved significant improvements in heavily fissured geometries in particular. Speedier response, speedier calculation – speedier results.