Social responsibility at Tebis

"We are fully committed to serving society," says Tebis AG Chairman of the Board Bernhard Rindfleisch. "Our guidelines are based on a set of values that focuses on community." Tebis creates secure jobs for its employees and ensures a healthy work/life balance. Tebis also fulfills its social responsibility outside of the workplace. The company is involved in social and cultural activities, encourages the personal commitment of its employees and, at least once a year, supports regional, supra-regional and international projects.

Social responsibility at Tebis


Tebis Technische Informationssysteme AG

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A team from Off-Road Kids talking with youth

New online counseling for Off-Road Kids

The Off-Road Kids foundation helps runaways, street kids and the young homeless in Germany in their search for new and permanently sustainable prospects.

This aid organization operates a nationwide social work system on the streets of Germany, with work stations in Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg and Cologne. The foundation also maintains a children's home, a parents' hotline and an office for systemic counseling and therapy. The organization is currently expanding its offer with online counseling This is directed toward youth who are staying with friends and not yet homeless. The new website directly addresses the target group, and features videos and chat opportunities among other things. Tebis supports the financing and operation of this online offer.

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