Electric discharge machining

Fast, reliable sinker EDM in single-system strategy

Very deep and narrow holes, extremely complex shapes and extremely hard materials push mechanical chip-forming to its limits. Electric discharge machining is recommended here. With Tebis you fully exploit the advantages of this manufacturing method, because you can reliably derive electrodes and design them automatically. The overall process of sinker EDM is represented in a single system in Tebis – from design to quality control, with no data interfaces.

Electric discharge machining


Let the sparks fly:

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Making your sinker EDM more reliable and cost-effective: 

  • Limit effort and preparation time for electrode manufacturing
  • Low personnel workload with clean data management
  • Generate repeat electrodes at the press of a button
  • Measure electrodes and easily determine offsets
  • Increase reliability with simulation of critical toolpaths for sinker EDM
  • Increase efficiency with perfect interaction throughout the entire process chain
  • The result: High process reliability, shorter throughput time and improved cost-effectiveness

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