"Networking and tapping into talent"

Tebis as the first host for Circle of Innovation 4.0


"Seize opportunities, learn from each other, work responsibly" – this was the motto for the opening event of the Industry 4.0 Circle of Innovation for medium-sized companies, held at Tebis AG in Martinsried/Planegg.

The Industry 4.0 Circle of Innovation for medium-sized companies of the Munich entrepreneurial group UnternehmerKreis IT is a platform intended to provide medium-sized companies in the sector the opportunity to regularly address Industry 4.0, to exchange ideas and to find their own way in approaching this future-oriented topic. 

How do digital process chains work? What are the benefits of the Cloud for medium-sized companies? What does Big Data mean for medium-sized companies? At the kickoff meeting about the platform, which was held by the first host and sponsor, Tebis AG, business experts reported on how they approach the subject and the solutions they have found.

For example, digitized processes can contribute to better accommodating market fluctuations and increasing transparency. Industry 4.0 should be associated with a realignment of the processes, placing standardization and organization before automation. Adaptability, openness for new ideas and experimentation were regarded as being just as important for the changes as the integration of affected personnel. Human-machine communication could be replaced by machine-machine communication, with the result that, in the future, people can "network and tap into their talents." The agenda also included information on products that already enable the networking of systems and machine elements.

The multifaceted presentations were followed by a lively podium discussion, and wrapped up with a dinner and opportunities for networking. In addition to three events per year and a scheduled convention on the subject, an Internet presence is planned to keep the individual participants in contact starting next year.

Seminar: Tebis offers a management seminar on the subject of Industry 4.0


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