New: Tebis training for special workstations


Starting immediately, Tebis is offering a newly designed training session to impart the fundamentals of Tebis to a very specific user group. This is intended for users who work with Tebis special packages and add-ons at their workstations.

Tebis equips specialized design or manufacturing stations with the appropriate software package. This includes cost-effective supplemental CAM workstations (such as the Manufacturing special package with appropriate add-ons) as well as special packages for trim machining, laser cutting and turning with or without add-ons. The new training The basics of special packages and add-ons gives personnel with activities exclusively on these CAM workstations the opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of working with Tebis. This includes topics such as basic operations with the system, the user interface as well as basic CAD functions like preparing and editing points, curves, surfaces and axes. This is not just standard training, but rather training that is specifically tailored to these workstations. Users working with a Tebis industry package can obtain the relevant fundamental knowledge in the training sessions for the industry packages.


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