On the way to smart die manufacturing


An overall theme of Schweiger Technology Day was "Industry 4.0 and intelligent die manufacturing." Tebis Consulting attended and provided information on the possibilities of new digital approaches.

The first Technology Day at Schweiger was primarily geared toward attendees who deal with die-manufacturing, die-procurement and injection-molding processes. Schweiger GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized die and mold manufacturing company with 75 employees. A total of 85 visitors came to Uffing on Lake Staffel to network, attend expert presentations and take a good look around. Managing Director Anton Schweiger not only opened the company’s offices but also its production buildings to customers, partners and competitors. The company presented its new manufacturing concept with fully automated large-part manufacturing.

Successfully introduced digital processes

The presentation covered the opportunities for digital manufacturing. The overall tone: The industry is changing. The die manufacturing industry is already moving toward intelligent manufacturing. Any company that fails to see this will become less competitive. Jens Lüdtke, head of Tebis Consulting, presented the Tebis process approach. In addition to complete software solutions for manufacturing, the approach includes implementation and consulting services. Tebis Consulting supports companies in successfully implementing digital processes. Lüdtke emphasized that these are becoming increasingly important. "Those who make use of digitization are planning for the future. But the right strategy is critical," he said. He also sees advantages for smaller die manufacturing companies. "These can be found especially in standardizing processes and improving workflow."


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