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The current issue of TebisWorld was just recently published. The focus of this issue of the customer magazine is on "process solutions".

"Reliable and efficient manufacturing processes are the key to a stable market position and sustainable competitiveness. But how can such processes be established?" Head of Marketing Robert Mahr poses this question in the editorial of the current issue of TebisWorld. The customer magazine offers ideas and suggestions for ways to improve how your manufacturing processes are structured. Many Tebis customers confirm the tremendous benefits stemming from process optimization projects; employees are more motivated, NC programming is significantly faster and machine capacity is better utilized.
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In this issue, customers Reuss and RSB Rationelle Stahlbearbeitung report on how they have benefited from collaborating with Tebis Consulting and Implementation.

Consistent project management ensures professional processes. Tebis has introduced a new product on the market for this, and presents it in detail in the magazine. You can also read about the benefits that Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH has already reaped from this.

Further topics from the current issue (excerpt):

For sheet metal forming die manufacturers, the interview with Tebis Product Manager Stephan Galozy is of particular interest: He outlines the route to dies that don't require reworking and assigns concrete numbers to the potential savings.

In addition, Tebis once again has plenty of exciting news to report. This includes Tebis 4.0 R3, which was released in October 2016 and has more than 60 functional extensions.

Read about the Tebis 2016 Open House and the completely automated process cycle presented there, using the example of small parts manufacturing.

The theme of the Open House was "Everything 4.0." The topic of 4.0 is complemented by the interview with Jens Lüdtke, head of Tebis Consulting, who talks about Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) in single-part manufacturing.

Of course, this issue is also rounded out with Tips & Tricks for working with Tebis.
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