Tebis at the AMB


Tebis presented two main topics at this year's AMB from September 13 to 17 in Stuttgart: The highlights of Tebis 4.0 were met with keen interest. The Proleis 4.0 MES solution and its direct connection to Tebis were also well-received.

What many didn't know before: The combination of CAD/CAM and MES solutions (Manufacturing Execution System) has many advantages for all die and mold manufacturers, whatever their company size. Tebis demonstrated this at the trade show with the example of small parts manufacturing. An MES system enables central management of manufacturing data as well as planning and control of all manufacturing processes. The software provides information on raw materials, purchased parts, machine resources and milling and assembly deadlines. All components from the virtual and real worlds are available on time at the machine and at the assembly workplace before manufacturing begins. This is all much simpler than it seems: Visitors were amazed at how easily and practically the virtual component and organization data can be "married" with the actual blanks, tools and pallets with a barcode scanner. Flexibility is also ensured: Since the system now also supports mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones, various locations and external suppliers can be easily integrated.

Tebis Version 4.0 also provoked many exciting discussions. This version was convincing from the start. It was introduced to the market last summer with a modernized interface and a clear operating concept. Release 2 was already rolled out in the spring with expanded packages and functionality, to be followed by Release 3 this fall. Design, manufacturing preparation and NC programming tasks can be performed even better with each new release – no wonder the interest in Tebis 4.0 is still so strong.


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