Tebis Consulting supports "Die manufacturing 4.0"


As a co-initiator of the VDWF work group "4.0 in Mold and Die Manufacturing", Jens Lüdtke, Head of Tebis Consulting, hosted the kickoff meeting. The first meeting of the work group was held with 13 participants at Tebis AG in Goeppingen on December 1, 2015.

The participants had the opportunity to learn and to exchange ideas about current issues and results regarding Industry 4.0 and to work together on practice-oriented training examples and approaches to solutions for everyday tasks in the area of "Die manufacturing 4.0". Heiko Wischott, Managing Partner of Wierz Plastics in Königswinter, specifically described how his company consistently made changes towards Industry 4.0. And Philipp Siegmund, development engineer at Formotion in Wilnsdorf, reported that appropriate provisions will always be made to account for Industry 4.0 when making any future decisions in the company.
These and other examples supported the statement from VDWF president Thomas Seul that electronics would become increasingly important in the die and mold manufacturing industry. For him, the use of high-performance information and communication technology in the industry means new opportunities for Germany's competitiveness as a manufacturing site.

Pending dates

The VDWF work group "4.0 in Mold and Die manufacturing" meets every 8 weeks at different die manufacturers. Participants in this initiative are meeting next on Mach 3, 2016 at Formenbau Karl-Heinz Müller KG in Balingen. There will also be an additional entry-level workshop at the Stuttgart Trade Fair on June 1, 2016, at the same time as the LASYS trade fair. In this workshop, companies can learn the fundamentals of the Industry 4.0 project (please register for the next work group meeting and the entry-level workshop by sending an email to

Tebis Seminar on Industry 4.0

The Tebis Management Seminar "Industrie 4.0 - Opportunity or encumbrance"  is an ideal opportunity to learn even more about the background, history and case examples of Industry 4.0.


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