CAD and NC services

Increase capacity – Eliminate bottlenecks

If necessary, we can free up your personnel and assume design and engineering services such as reverse engineering in design modeling, die surface treatment in die manufacturing, and milling preparation.

With our many years of experience in die and mold manufacturing, we're your expert partner you can completely rely on every step of the way. We perform all design and programming tasks for you quickly and flexibly, and all from a single source. Think of us as your extended workbench.

CAD and NC services


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NC services

In the event of personnel shortages or an above-average volume of orders, capacity issues can also quickly arise in NC programming. During such phases, our service offering can help you achieve your targets with the necessary entrepreneurial flexibility. We can perform your programming tasks – with exactly the same standards of quality that you have. We work directly with you at your facility.

Our specialists apply the entire breadth of Tebis software technologies so that no task area is left undone:

  • We design in accordance with manufacturing requirements.
  • We create NC programs for 3- and 5-axis machining, 2.5D drilling and milling, turning operations, and 2- and 4-axis wire EDM.
  • We design and program the necessary electrodes.

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