Import layer deactivated in NX into Tebis

When saving the NX data set, our customer ensures that only the elements that we actually want to import into Tebis are visible. However, elements that we don't need are repeatedly imported. In our example, we actually only need the core and not the upper surfaces: What can I do in this case?

The part areas are often managed with layers in NX. If a layer category is deactivated in NX, the elements assigned to it are no longer visible in NX. These elements, which are hidden with the layer category, are imported into Tebis by default. But if need be, you can also import only those elements that are actually visible in NX.

Here's how you do it


Call up the configuration menu with the DATA/CNF function.


Select the "CAD interfaces/NX/GET" entry.


Activate the "Hidden layers" option in the "Structure" area.


Now use the DATA/FILE/GET/NX function to import the required NX file. Only the elements that are also visible in NX are imported.


The settings for the configuration menu must be made in the database.cnf in order to be available for all files.

In the CONFIGURATION dialog, open the context-sensitive help menu to obtain more information about the settings for individually configuring the import of NX files.


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