Measuring with the machine loaded

I often want to use measuring functions when I have already loaded the machine. But if I exit the "Simu" function group, the machine is automatically unloaded. Can I prevent this?

The machine is always unloaded as soon as you exit the "Simu" function group. However, using individual toolbars provides possibilities for using functions from other function groups even when the machine is loaded.

Here's how you do it


In our example, we first create an individual toolbar with the desired measuring functions. This is done by selecting the "View/Toolbars/Manage…" in the menu bar. This opens the "Toolbars" dialog.


Click "New" and create a new toolbar. We name this toolbar "Measuring functions."


Click "Edit." The “Edit toolbars” dialog opens.


Activate the "Main menu/Module/Design" entry and drag and drop the desired functions onto the new toolbar.


In so doing, you can create individual toolbars for all available functions.


Call up the new measuring functions via the toolbar. This enables you to use these functions without unloading the machine.


In order to use the measuring functions in connection with the elements of the virtual machine, these must always be represented as a wire-frame. This requires that the "Wire-frame" entry be activated for the corresponding element in the Simu bar configuration.


Conversely, you can also set up an individual toolbar for the three Simu functions. Thus, you can start the simulation for any function group, plan tools and tilt angles or define reference coordinate systems. 

To unload the machine, you have to click "Back" in the "Simu" function group. 

You can learn more about configuring toolbars by calling up the context-sensitive help in the context menu for the "Toolbars" entry.


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