Data Management

Client/server technology for data transfer with PDM and TDM

A powerful client/server technology is a prerequisite for real-time access to data from other IT systems from Tebis workstations. Tebis workstations can be used in combination with other systems using the data management add-ons. This integrates systems for PDM (product data management) and TDM (tool data management) in your Tebis environment and ensures better data management.

Use Tebis and Proleis add-ons for data management to organize the interaction between all process stations participating in manufacturing. Extension for manufacturing planning and control is possible based on this, depending on your company's requirements.

Data Management


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You can use the Job Manager Connection - Proleis add-on to use the data management function in Tebis. Manufacturing templates are provided via Proleis. Results files managed in Tebis (NC programs with setup, tools, NC documentation) are stored via Proleis.


  • Standardize workflow with templates
  • Use reliable manufacturing methods
  • Easily and reliably manage manufacturing data


  • Manage templates
  • Import templates from Proleis
  • Generate unambiguous setup and NC program numbers
  • Transfer NC programs and NC documentation to Proleis management


  • Standardizing NC programming with templates
  • Managing manufacturing data

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