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We let our customers speak for us: Users explain how they’ve implemented Tebis, the application areas where they use it and how they’ve benefited by investing in Tebis solutions. You can read how Tebis Consulting works at the customer's location and the benefits to the customers from the consulting services. See for yourself how our customers use Tebis to better meet the challenges of developing, designing and manufacturing models, molds and components.

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  • Innovation and efficiency

    Tebis software with the AutoMill module was the first system we learned about that could mill across an…

    Peter Grobusch, Managing director

    Bernhard Grobusch GmbH
    Inden near Aachen, Germany
    Mold manufacturing
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  • Saving €300,000 per year

    Even with our motivated and committed team, FMF would not be where we are today with our processes without…

    Rudolf Friedrich, Jürgen Müller, Managing director, operations manager

    FMF Friedrich Modell- und Formenbau GmbH
    Hardthausen-Gochsen, Germany
    Mold manufacturing, Die manufacturing
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Services for processes


Companies are currently facing new challenges due to deadline pressure, increasingly complex products, rising price pressure and a growing shortage of qualified personnel. Many question whether they are prepared for the future…

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Success story

Accuracy spot on thanks to Tebis!

Up until recently, Interform Manufacturing had no CAD/CAM capabilities in place. By introducing Tebis to their shop floor they are now achieving the accuracy they had been striving for and are eager to learn more about Tebis and…

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