Concentrated manufacturing knowledge for electrode production


The well attended high-end graphite machining seminar from Hufschmied in Bobingen, Germany presented the new features and synergistic effects in this area that are provided by competency partners Hufschmied, Tebis and Blome for more efficient manufacturing processes.

Graphite molds are very delicate and are becoming increasingly complex The requirements for tools, clamping systems, materialand software are increasing. Martin Vortmann, Cooperation Manager at Tebis AG, explained the benefits of Tebis for electrode design, manufacturing and management to the participants. The Tebis process ensures optimal integration of technology, software and manufacturing knowledge. The customer's work environment is modeled in customer-specific process libraries, this includes tool cutting data. Tools such as the new Graftor from Hufschmied, require entirely new parameters to deliver complete performance and significant time savings. "Often, the number of tools can also be reduced with well-structured process libraries," said Vortmann. The virtual manufacturing environment has process libraries that contain a company's combined manufacturing knowledge. For example, standardized manufacturing sequences are also described there. "These Tebis technology packages enable reliable, effective and high-quality work," explains Vortmann.

Exact coordination for efficient results

At the seminar, Hufschmied presented to visitors his new graphite machining tool, Graftor, which can achieve a time savings of nearly 50 percent. This is achieved by the unique option of using the tool for both roughing and finishing. These possibilities are entirely supported by Tebis strategies and technology packages. Graphite supplier Blome explained the different graphite types and their properties and applications. Erowa demonstrated the different automation possibilities if standardized clamping systems are used for electrodes.

After the presentations, the participants witnessed the live production of a graphite electrode on an HSC 55 milling machine. They saw how efficiently a graphite electrode can be manufactured using harmonized technology parameters.


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