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  • Optimized process chain in drawing die manufacturing

    Optimized process chain in drawing die manufacturing

    Car body parts ejected from the die spring back to varying degrees. This can be compensated by deliberately accounting for the calculated springback effect in the CAD die design, which is known as overbending. (Content only availeable in German)

    Reprint from CAD-CAM Report, November 2004

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Services for processes


Companies are currently facing new challenges due to deadline pressure, increasingly complex products, rising price pressure and a growing shortage of qualified personnel. Many question whether they are prepared for the future…

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Success story

Accuracy spot on thanks to Tebis!

Up until recently, Interform Manufacturing had no CAD/CAM capabilities in place. By introducing Tebis to their shop floor they are now achieving the accuracy they had been striving for and are eager to learn more about Tebis and…

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