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Whether you produce high-quality molds and individual parts or complete draw dies, dies or models, the Die and Mold manufacturing industry package provides the best solution for every application. The design functions provide a variety of methods from the modification of existing CAD models to reverse engineering. Moldmakers and model manufacturers can quickly analyze and structure complex parts and prepare them for automated NC programming. Moldmakers need significantly less time for manual reworking in tryouts. Measurement functions help document the quality achieved. 

Mold and Die<br>Industry Packages


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We have what you need. We know your requirements and we know what the market expects. Your major advantage: Tebis provides you with the right solution with three versions of the Mold and Die industry packages. You can start small and grow with your customers' demands.

Mold and Die Standard

The entrance to the Tebis CAD/CAM world. Ideally suited for machining prismatic parts like mold plates and three dimensional parts with less complex free-form surfaces. Expandable with features like Surface Modeling, Reverse Engineering Classic, 2.5D Drilling and Milling Plus, Electrode Preparation, Ruled Form Feature Technology and Free-Form Feature Technology as well as Multiple Setup.

Mold and Die Pro

Ideal for complete machining of dies, molds, models and gauges. Includes the scope of Mold and Die Standard as well as a wide range of additional functions for design, NC preparation and NC programming. Provides greater reliability and convenience. Available add-ons include 5-Sided MachiningSurface Optimization - Automatic, 5-Axis Milling, NC Geometry Preparation, Collision Avoidance - 3 to 5-axis and Collision Check - Machine.

Mold and Die Premium

You place a high value on automation, standardization and efficiency. You manufacture complex dies at high throughput and maximum quality. Includes the scope of Mold and Die Pro plus extensive and convenient functions for design, NC preparation and NC manufacturing for both free-form surfaces as well as for prismatic geometry. 
Example extensions: Surface Morphing, Active Surface Preparation and Exact Solid Preparation.

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