Surface Morphing

Automated morphing with Tebis

Tebis' associative surface technology is the answer to key CAD requirements in design and in model, die and mold manufacturing: It associates the surface model with a wireframe model and enables dynamic changes to surfaces to be made quickly and reliably. It is therefore the prerequisite for far-reaching surface morphing. For example, Tebis automatically repairs problem and risk areas if the initial quality of the surface model is insufficient for deformation. This saves you time while simultaneously improving reliability in your manufacturing.

Surface Morphing


Greater dynamics for surfaces − give us a call:

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Cost-effective, reliable forming with Tebis: 

  • Parts can be quickly and reliably formed for the widest variety of applications
  • This can be rule-based following the design intent, from empirically generated specifications or based on simulation data
  • Detect problem areas and surface models at the touch of a button
  • Perform repairs automatically and interactively or manually and easily ensure high surface design quality
  • Automatically calculate deformation
  • Work with low-risk record sets
  • Huge time savings and accelerated processes

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