Tebis at the 2015 Moulding Expo

Significantly improving work processes


Tebis, a process provider for the development, design, and manufacturing of models, will introduce Version 4.0 of its CAD/CAM software at the inaugural Moulding Expo in Stuttgart on May 5–8. This update features a newly designed user interface that enhances process efficiency and operator convenience by providing a significantly improved user interaction. Tebis will also present its manufacturing-related consulting service. In addition, the process provider will collaborate in a joint booth with the German Association of Tool and Mold Manufacturers (Verband Deutscher Werkzeug- und Formenbauer) and provide information about its comprehensive seminar and training program.

With Version 4.0 of its CAD/CAM software and its manufacturing-oriented consultancy – Tebis Consulting – Tebis can now deliver even greater process efficiency in the development, design and manufacturing of models, mold tools and components to its customers. The new user interface enables the operator to display and hide menus in the function panel as needed. Work surfaces can be individually customized, stored and managed. The program also suggests work environments designed for specific applications. The new user interface provides users with significantly more feedback than previous versions.

Among other things, the automation process for NC programming has been expanded. In 2.5D milling, there are now element features for describing plane surfaces, contours, vertical surfaces and complex pockets. All information required for editing can be obtained directly from these features. This simplifies the NC programming of complex components to just a few mouse-clicks. The element feature can be also used in 3+2-axis milling.

Full-width handling in the new Version 4.0 avoids the full wrap of the tool. Depending on the maximum contact, the software automatically adjusts the path layout to the geometry in full-width situations. In 3+2-axes roughing and 2.5D milling, the system inserts trochoidal cycles to avoid a full width, if desired. These additions combine to increase the overall degree of automation in NC machining.

In addition, Tebis Consulting will be providing product information, competitive analyses and value-creation strategies to help customers dramatically improve their internal processes. For example, by taking appropriate action companies can improve their setup processes, create complete programs and manufacture without human intervention. This can reduce downtime and increase the plant’s utilization rate. Tebis Consulting has many years of experience in model, mold, die and machine manufacturing.

Tebis at the Moulding Expo: Hall: 4-B, Booth: 43/Hall: 6-C, Booth: 37





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