NC Efficiency

Can it go a little faster?

Expand your NC workstations specifically for greater efficiency. Robots are filling the gap between manual manufacturing and machine centers. You can use virtual machines to optimize your manufacturing. Simultaneous calculation processes accelerate your NC programming. Multiple Setup and Tool Match bring measurable time benefits to your shop.

NC Efficiency


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You can use this add-on to manufacture several components on the machine table, on grid panels and on clamping turrets. This separates the time between NC programming and setup planning by allowing you to first program and then define the setups shortly before machining.


  • No programming knowledge necessary
  • Minimizes machine setup times with clamping systems
  • Shortens setup and machining times even in the context of changes
  • Maximizes machine run times with optimal utilization of the operating space
  • Increases competitiveness by exploiting potential savings through greater productivity on the machine
  • Subsequent optimization of complete machining on the machine and minimization of air cutting
  • Greater safety with prior collision-free process simulation


  • Suitable for all drilling and milling operations
  • Large number of smaller manufacturing parts
  • Access to faster throughput times
  • Also suitable for Viewer NC special package


  • Trim and coining steels
  • Electrodes
  • Series production parts
  • Utilizing machine operating space with multiple parts

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