Social responsibility at Tebis

Social responsibility is a top priority at Tebis. It is an integral part of our mission, and something we put into practice every day in our corporate culture. "We are fully committed to the community," says Bernhard Rindfleisch, Chairman of the Board of Tebis AG. Tebis ensures a healthy work/life balance and creates secure jobs for its employees. Tebis is also involved in social and cultural activities and encourages the personal commitment of its employees. Regularly and at least once a year, Tebis supports regional and international social projects.

Social responsibility at Tebis


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With its holiday donation, Tebis is supporting the Halt für Kinder in Krisen program, which helps children deal with their stressful experiences.

Children can experience severe stress in family situations, such as the death of a parent, separation or a seriously ill parent. They need help coping with these crisis situations, and this requires different types of support. The "Halt für Kinder in Krisen" (support for children in crisis) project of the Hamburg Diakonie Social Welfare Organization in Germany offers weekly groups just for children where their concerns can be addressed on an appropriate level. Here they meet other children who have had similar experiences. Two trained group counselors listen to their concerns. Games and stories help the young visitors cope with their new situation.

Between 80 and 100 children visit the groups weekly and stay for about 18 months on average. The goal is to provide the children with a safe space that addresses their troubles and concerns, improves their self-confidence and ultimately enables them to deal with everyday life.

Tebis is supporting the project with a donation to ensure that no group visit ever has to be cancelled due to a lack of funds.



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