Social responsibility at Tebis

Social responsibility is a top priority at Tebis. It is an integral part of our mission, and something we put into practice every day in our corporate culture. "We are fully committed to the community," says Bernhard Rindfleisch, Chairman of the Board of Tebis AG. Tebis ensures a healthy work/life balance and creates secure jobs for its employees. Tebis is also involved in social and cultural activities and encourages the personal commitment of its employees. Regularly and at least once a year, Tebis supports regional and international social projects.

Social responsibility at Tebis


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Tebis is helping to finance an electric vehicle for Hannöversche Tafel

By giving a donation, we’re helping "Hannöversche Tafel", a food bank in Hanover, Germany, to purchase a "StreetScooter" and construct a charging station. The electric vehicle gives Tafel greater independence and saves maintenance and fuel costs.

The new charging station has been installed and is now available for the Tafel to use on their grounds. The Tafel can also pick up the Streetscooter (leasing) in the coming days. The charging station and the leasing charges for 2019 were completely financed through the donation from Tebis. The Tafel is very pleased that Tebis has demonstrated such commitment. Photo, from left to right: Efe Eribo (Tebis), Horst Gora (Hannöversche Tafel)

The main task of Hannöversche Tafel is to distribute food to needy people from all age groups, a job performed exclusively by volunteers. Tafel needs transport equipment to collect the food from supermarkets and businesses, check it at a central collection point and then distribute it. The helpers deliver it to various community centers in Hanover as well as to childcare facilities, schools and shelters.

The amount of donated food and money is growing, but not fast enough to keep up with demand. The Tafel organizations view the large number of needy children and youth with concern. We are very pleased that we can contribute to this social commitment and make a positive difference with our donation.

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