Social responsibility at Tebis

Social responsibility is a top priority at Tebis. It is an integral part of our mission, and something we put into practice every day in our corporate culture. "We are fully committed to the community," says Bernhard Rindfleisch, Chairman of the Board of Tebis AG. Tebis ensures a healthy work/life balance and creates secure jobs for its employees. Tebis is also involved in social and cultural activities and encourages the personal commitment of its employees. Regularly and at least once a year, Tebis supports regional and international social projects.

Social responsibility at Tebis


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Tebis makes a donation in support of Refugio München - Overcoming traumatic experiences with self-confidence

Refugio München is a counseling and treatment center for traumatized refugees and torture victims and one of the largest psychosocial treatment centers of this kind in Germany. In addition to psychological and social counseling, Refugio offers 30 art therapy groups (in schools) and 28 art workshop groups (in community accommodations) for around 750 refugee children and adolescents each year. Refugio München will use the donation for art therapy in schools. Specifically, it will finance a group at the Haar secondary school as well as part of the group at the Schrobenhauser Straße secondary school, both in Munich, Germany.

A space for feelings

By working in creative groups (painting, music, media, dance and theater), the participants express their traumatic experiences and their life in exile through art. The art therapy creates a safe place where the kids can share their fears, conflicts and sadness. They can process and overcome various situations in their minds through creative play, painting on a blank canvas or working with wood or music. Mask making helps to improve self-awareness and encourages the kids to think about their identity. When making a mask, they need to get a sense of their feelings and think about how they want to present themselves and what that feels like to them internally.

In the groups, the kids learn recognition and appreciation and gain trust in their own capabilities. These are core skills that they will eventually use in school and society.

Since there is no regular funding on the local level and no government financing, the annual costs for art therapy groups in schools must be covered by private donations, contributions from foundations and fines.

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