Holiday campaign 2015

In 2015 Tebis also supported charitable projects in place of sending holiday gifts to its customers and partners. It made donations to four regional projects as well as an international one. As in 2016, Tebis employees in the head office in Martinsried, Germany, and in the subsidiaries in Germany, selected all of the organizations and projects and independently organized and carried out the necessary measures in the past year.

The facilities supported in 2015 are listed below.

Holiday campaign 2015


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Horst Gora from Hannöversche Tafel (center) and Christoph Brückner, Thomas Kühling, Efe Eribo and Christoph Apel from Tebis AG (left to right)

Tebis is helping to finance a vehicle for Hannöversche Tafel in Hanover

Hannöversche Tafel is a charitable organization that was founded in 1999.

It is operated by two paid employees and supported by the great work of many volunteers. The main task of Hannöversche Tafel is to collect food from food chains or smaller stores (such as mom-and-pop shops, for example) and then to distribute this food to six distribution points in Hanover community centers and church halls as well as to child-care facilities, schools and homeless shelters. Roughly 7,000 persons are served every quarter. Food distribution is handled entirely by volunteers. Hannöversche Tafel currently needs a car for smaller transports. Tebis has offered to contribute to the financing for the vehicle so that it can be purchased this year.


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