Holiday campaign 2016

"We are fully committed to serving society," says Tebis AG Chairman of the Board Bernhard Rindfleisch. "Our guidelines are based on a set of values that focuses on community." Tebis creates secure jobs for its employees and ensures a healthy work/life balance. Tebis also fulfills its social responsibility outside of the workplace. The company is involved in social and cultural activities, encourages the personal commitment of its employees and, at least once a year, supports regional and international projects.

Holiday campaign 2016


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Employees from WürmtalTisch with Konstanze Stoeckl from Tebis AG (left to right)

Tebis supports the work of WürmtalTisch in Planegg, Germany, which is financed through donations 

WürmtalTisch is an initiative of the social welfare organization of the Protestant churches in Gräfelfing, Krailling, Planegg and surrounding areas (Evangelischer Diakonieverein Gräfelfing, Krailling, Planegg und Umgebung e.V.) and has been in existence for about 10 years. The organization, which is run entirely by highly committed volunteers, serves roughly 150 needy persons from the immediate area once a week. The goods provided consist mostly of donations from regional businesses, but also of donations from individuals. If needed, WürmtalTisch volunteers purchase additional food with donated funds. A vehicle is used to collect and purchase additional food. The vehicle, which is also financed by donations, will have to be replaced in the coming years. Tebis is known as a local employer and supporter of WürmtalTisch; its current donation is one of many it has given over the past years.

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