Holiday campaign 2017

"We are fully committed to serving society," says Tebis AG Chairman of the Board Bernhard Rindfleisch. "Our guidelines are based on a set of values that focus on community." Tebis creates secure jobs for its employees and ensures a healthy work-life balance. Tebis also fulfills its social responsibility outside of the workplace. The company is involved in social and cultural activities, encourages the personal commitment of its employees and, at least once a year, supports regional, supra-regional and international projects.

Holiday campaign 2017


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Tebis supports the Clean Projekt Neuhausen e.V. (CPN) in purchasing warm winter jackets for children and young people

CPN in Munich is a social institution for children and young people from socially disadvantaged families, financed primarily by donations. This institution provides young people experiencing financial and psycho-social difficulties with counseling and care, regular meals, support in education and training as well as various sports and fitness offerings. It also cares for refugee children and young people, such as Yazidi families from Iraq, some of whom were able to flee to Germany unaccompanied.
The financial situation of these kids is extremely poor, and they often don’t have adequate clothing and shoes. 

The donation from Tebis will help children and young people, who can now be provided with warm winter jackets. Families are also provided with food vouchers.

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