Planning and management

Perfect planning means delivery on time

You know the situation: As a manufacturer, you have to keep track of a large number of parts, ensure outstanding on-time delivery, and utilize your capacities with no interruptions. The demands on planning and controlling in single-part manufacturing have never been as high as today. With our MES system ProLeiS we can offer you the best solution for your current challenges.

Planning and management


Take the first step towards perfect planning:

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Your benefits from planning and management with Proleis: 

  • Consistent data management, manufacturing planning and control system
  • Manufacturing data management is fully integrated in the Tebis GUI
  • Systems have a high degree of adaptability and a modern software architecture
  • Effectively communicate throughout the entire process
  • Central, standardized management of all data
  • Information is quickly available with no tedious searching
  • Reliably monitor all order and projects deadlines
  • Optimally plan individual complex projects
  • Ensure reliable tool supply
  • On-time completion of projects
  • Evaluate projects based on performance indicators

Proleis: How can I implement it?

Planning and management mean reliable control of your processes. Data management, manufacturing planning and control must be adapted to your specific company procedures. We carefully analyze your processes, provide you with the basis for a decision and implement the systems in your company in stages. We will be happy to support you in implementation.

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