Robotic milling

Developing new applications with perfect NC programs

Robots let you work fast, cost-effectively and at a high quality: You can manufacture medium quantities at a quarter of the cost of using a machine center. You can program a variety of tasks as usual with proven Tebis functions, Mill light materials and rotor blades for helicopters or wind turbines and deburr, grind, polish or peen your workpieces. Whether you use articulated robots in combination with rotary pivot tables – or linear axes: Your interaction level is low and process reliability is high.
Robotic milling is included in our Robot Kinematics add-on for our CAM software.

Robotic milling: Simpler, faster and more effective with complete CAD/CAM software integration

Milling with a robot

  • For medium quantities
  • Short machining time
  • High flexibility
  • Machining and cutting
  • All Tebis milling and drilling functions
  • All laser functions
  • Calculation with Tebis simulator technology
  • Individual optimization during calculation
  • Machine teach-in process

Other applications for robotic milling:

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