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    Ein ❤ für Rentner e.V.

    When retirement pay is not enough: Old age poverty and loneliness 

    Ein Herz für Rentner e.V. is an association that supports retirees throughout Germany who have worked in Germany and have paid into the statutory pension fund. Their retirement pay is often still insufficient to cover minimal needs in life.

    Ein Herz für Rentner is committed to providing financial support for these people and returning them to our midst.

    More than one million elderly seniors receive supplementary basic benefits (social assistance) in addition to their pensions. This is the generation that has always done everything on its own and struggled to establish itself. The shame of accepting help or going to the social welfare office is enormous. This also results in a very high number of unreported cases.
    Tebis supports this project to help affected retirees to participate in society again.

    9.3 million retirees in Germany are affected by poverty. This has broken and isolated many elderly people. They no longer have any career prospects. Their struggle for existence in a phase of life with naturally waning strength is a difficult one. This is further exacerbated by enormous increases in electricity costs and higher costs for food. A simple visit to the cinema is out of reach.

    Retirees are then starving for a new mattress. They fall because they can't afford new glasses to correct their poor vision. They often collect deposit bottles just to survive. Because they can't afford to participate in social life, they become lonely and fall into depression.