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    Hannöversche Tafel

    Tebis supports Hannöversche Tafel with new technology

    Social responsibility
    The Tafel is currently supported by roughly 140 helpers in the daily collection and distribution of the food. The necessary tasks could never be accomplished without the great preparedness of many to volunteer. The volunteers help to make the world a little bit better. 

    The Tafel's technical equipment of the panel is gradually giving up the ghost and we "Tebis as a company" have decided to support them here with new technology.
    Our donation can be used to procure a new computer with which all necessary office work can continue to be done.

    In addition to this, our donation also enables stocking up on clothing for the volunteers, so that the needy will also readily recognize new helpful assistants in the team with their uniform clothes.

    We are extremely pleased that we can make such an important contribution and support the Hannöversche Tafel in performing its activities.