Hannover Society for Children Suffering from Cancer

    Tebis helps this society with a donation to pay rent for the apartments

    Since 1984, the society has been helping children suffering from cancer, their families and the children's cancer ward at the Hannover Medical School.

    This year's donation from Tebis will go to the Parents' Apartments project, where families can live during their children's long hospital stay. The society provides these accommodations to the families of the afflicted children free of charge. 

    This allows families to stay together during a difficult time and to be there for each other day and night. Why: A cancer diagnosis is always a terrible thing. It's even worse when it affects a child. Along with professional medical treatment, the most important things in the lives of sick children are comfort, love, hope, security and confidence. The Parents' Apartments project allows the children to at least be able to stay close to their family members during their terrible illness.