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    MitMenschlichkeit foundation, Hamburg

    Support for two important projects financed entirely by donations

    Hotel accommodation for homeless people in Hamburg

    Results from the hotel project in winter of 2020/2021

    From December 1, 2020 to May 15, 2021, Diakonie Hamburg housed homeless people in single rooms in hotels for the second time during the pandemic.

    This was possible on this large scale because the hotels had hardly any other guests due to the lockdown.

    Inexpensive and appropriate hotels could be booked at an average price of EUR 30/night. Up to 130 homeless people were provided with rooms at the same time, and a total of 173 people benefited from the project over the course of five and a half months.

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    The project shows: 
    • Infection control and social care for homeless people in individual accommodation in hotels can easily be implemented. 
    • Having one's own sheltered living space is very good for stabilization and handling of other problem situations. 
    • For 70 persons, this stabilization has resulted in further prospects – with their own housing or other accommodation, including 22 persons for whom medium-term accommodation prospects have also resulted in connection their employment. 
    What is the current situation? Hotel accommodation in emergencies
    There is still good cooperation with several of the hotels that participated in the major project last winter. Thanks to donations, homeless people can also be spontaneously housed for some time in individual emergencies over this winter. 

    One person can be safely accommodated in a hotel for 30 nights at a cost of EUR 1,000. 

    This project follows the "housing first" approach in order to get a handle on other problems such as addiction or illnesses, thereby establishing new perspectives for these people. 
    Because the project is financed entirely by donations, Tebis AG wishes to make a contribution and support these people.  

    Children and young people in mourning

    Stressful situations in families often require a diverse network of support that strengthens parents and children. The focus of the accompanying groups of the Diakonie foundation MitMenschlichkeit is exclusively on the children.

    This is especially important because children do not wish to burden their remaining parent with their hardships after the death of one parent, for example. 

    Every year, at least 500 children and young people in Hamburg are affected by the death of a parent or a close loved one.
    They are strengthened by a regularly held group meeting with children who have similar experiences. The trained group supervisors have an open ear for them.

    Games or stories help the children learn to deal with their new situation. 
    Long-term effect of the children's group
    Each year, 80 to 100 children are cared for in the children's groups. The children stay in the groups for an average of 18 months – some longer, some shorter. Over a period of two years, roughly 150 children can thus be stabilized in the groups and helped to better deal with their new situation. Studies show that children who have lost a parent through death or divorce suffer fewer psychosocial and health problems later in adulthood if they were well cared for in their grief and loss during childhood.
    The work of "Children and Young People in Mourning" is financed entirely by donations. Annual costs amount to roughly EUR 100,000.
    We are pleased to continue supporting this project this year.