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    Refugio München

    Tebis supports therapy sessions for refugees

    There have never before been so many refugees, nor has Germany ever taken in so many refugees as this year – also due to the war of aggression against Ukraine. Many refugees are severely traumatized and are in need of professional help.

    The recent frequent dedication of funds for Ukrainian refugees has resulted in underfunding of therapy for all other refugees. Refugio Munich wants to establish significantly more therapy slots and additional offers for the coming year to enable as many of these people as possible to lead a better life. Tebis is supporting this effort with a donation.
    The art workshop of Refugio offers creative and art educational vacation programs in the community accommodations for children aged 6 - 13 years with refugee backgrounds.

    The children are especially affected by the pandemic, but also by their living conditions and everyday situations, and they lack meaningful opportunities for activities, especially over vacation periods.
    The children take refuge in online games on their phones that are often not appropriate for their age group. Refugio wishes to counter this with an alternative during vacation times and to inspire them with creative and enjoyable activities. The vacation program is also intended to provide relief for parents who are often under severe psychological stress.
    Refugio's volunteers are trained art teachers or art therapists and already know the children in the house through other projects, which gives them the trust of the parents and also makes smaller excursions possible.

    With the donation from Tebis, Refugio München can finance roughly 45 hours of therapy for traumatized children, youths and adults in 2023.