SOS Children's Villages

    Tebis supports the education program at SOS Children's Villages in Benin

    The SOS social center supports needy children

    With its donation, Tebis helps support the SOS Children's Villages facilities in Benin, West Africa.
    This year's donation from Tebis will be used to cover school fees for 90 local children. 
    There are two SOS Children's Villages in Benin: Abomey-Calavi and Natitingou. The latter is in the north of the country, roughly 450 km from the capitol. Twelve family houses provide space for 120 children. There is also an SOS social center there that supports the neediest children and, indirectly, their families. Activities include educational work, medical care and psychological counseling and distribution of food packages to the needy. Abomey-Calavi is 17 km from the capital of Port Novo and has a capacity for about 110 children. In addition to a kindergarten and school, the Children's Village also has eleven family houses, a community building, a workshop and a vegetable garden that contributes to self-sufficiency.