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    Diakonie-Stiftung MitMenschlichkeit foundation

    Tebis supports several projects with its Christmas donation 

    The Diakonie-Stiftung MitMenschlichkeit foundation is a resource for the needy in Hamburg. What is provided:
    • Medical care for those without health insurance
    • Counseling and care for the homeless
    • Accompanying elderly or sick people
    • Support for needy children and families so children can really be children
    Two important projects: "Midwife Consultation" and "Children in mourning"

    The MitMenschlichkeit medical practice

    Where do those without health insurance or a valid residence permit turn when they need urgent medical help? This question is also affecting more and more people in Germany. the doctors and midwives in the MitMenschlichkeit practice are there for these patients in Hamburg. What is particularly special: the doctors and midwives are volunteers, ensuring help is available everywhere.

    The Diakonie manages three locations providing treatment for those without health insurance:
    • The Andocken medical practice provides care for those with no official residence status. They receive all necessary examinations by the doctors and midwives. The offer is supplemented with social/legal consultation.
    • The Diakonie Homeless Center provides medical help, counseling, accompaniment and practical support to the homeless.
    • The restricted area provides medical consultation for destitute girls and women in prostitution
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    In 2021, the doctors and midwives helped roughly 1,000 patients in more than 4,500 treatments and examinations. This unbureaucratic medical aid is possible only through donations.

    Because the projects are financed purely by donations, Tebis AG would like to make a contribution to support these people.

    Center for children and young people in mourning

    The center for children and young people in mourning provides comfort for children who have lost someone close to them. They discuss death and life in grief groups. They rage and they laugh. They meet young people with similar experiences. And they are supported by grief counselors who are there for them and faithfully accompany them on a part of their journey.

    Stressful situations in families often require a diverse network of support that strengthens parents and children. The focus of the accompanying groups of the Diakonie foundation MitMenschlichkeit is exclusively on the children.

    This is especially important because children do not wish to burden their remaining parent with their hardships after the death of one parent, for example.

    Every year, at least 500 children and young people in Hamburg are affected by the death of a parent or a close loved one.
    They are strengthened by a regularly held group meeting with children who have similar experiences. The trained group supervisors have an open ear for them.

    Games or stories help the children learn to deal with their new situation.
    Long-term effect of the children's group
    Each year, 80 to 100 children are cared for in the children's groups. The children stay in the groups for an average of 18 months – some longer, some shorter. Over a period of two years, roughly 150 children can thus be stabilized in the groups and helped to better deal with their new situation. Studies show that children who have lost a parent through death or divorce suffer fewer psychosocial and health problems later in adulthood if they were well cared for in their grief and loss during childhood.

    The work of "Children and Young People in Mourning" is financed entirely by donations. Annual costs amount to roughly EUR 100,000.
    We are pleased to continue supporting this project.