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    MES ProLeiS 4

    In this MES software training session, participants will work with ProLeiS 4. They will learn about the user interface, creating plans and project structure in ProLeiS 4. Additional topics are pre-planning and productive planning of projects including capacity analyses and material procurement, working with outsourcing, logistics and controlling projects. Data management such as handling documents and importing third-party data are also covered, as are creating templates for planning and control. Basic principles will be taught based on practical exercises; the trainer will address further questions. Training measures for ProLeiS are offered individually and are customized for the implemented function scope


    Target group

    New users of ProLeiS 4 MES


    Fast, goal-oriented introduction to ProLeiS 4.

    The following topics are offered:

    • Basic instruction and data management
    • Planning basis & pre-planning 
    • Productive planning & control 
    • Logistics & incident registration


    Further information on the online training courses is given here:

    Online training courses

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