Moulding Expo

Hall 4, Booth 4B31 / 4B32

05/30/2017 - 06/02/2017

At this year's Moulding Expo, Tebis will be presenting important CAD/CAM highlights of the new Release 4 for Tebis Version 4.0, providing information on the advantageous combination of Tebis and the Proleis MES solution and clearly demonstrating why machines would prefer Tebis.

New features in Release 4

Release 4 offers new adaptive roughing strategies for milling prismatic parts with steep cavities and an optimized view of blanks in 3+2-axis roughing. The improved NC programming in 5-axis milling with tool tilt angle control adapted to the specific situation also shortens machining times. The gun drilling frequently required in mold manufacturing has been even better connected to the NC automation. Manufacturing preparation has been simplified, so that users can more easily specify modified areas and include them in remachining. Customers in mechanical engineering in particular benefit from the new Inventor interface. A function in 3D design now creates non-overlapping shift surfaces at freely definable angles, thereby preventing time-consuming reworking in complex geometric areas. In laser cutting, stanchion design has been completely reworked to provide a greater degree of automation and more flexibility. In addition, the new part-driven robotic machining now enables robots to be used more efficiently in those cases where the robot holds the part and moves it against the tool. NC programming is accelerated by additional functions for automated NC machining of individual parts. NC calculation and collision checking with the tool and machine can be combined in automated work steps. Detailed information on new features in Release 4 is given here.

Tebis and Proleis MES solution

The software and process expert further emphasizes the advantageous interaction of Tebis and the Proleis MES solution (Manufacturing Execution System) for optimal process planning and implementation. The combination of information from different systems enables more efficient planning and control of manufacturing processes as well as central management of the data from the entire manufacturing process.

If machines were to decide ...

Tebis's appearance at trade fairs includes a campaign with the motto "If machines were to decide...." This campaign clearly explains how Tebis increases machines' "heart rates": With Tebis, they efficiently and reliably manufacture high-quality masterpieces. The high-end surface technology, NC automation and collision avoidance enable you to optimize throughput times, reduce costs and finally boost corporate results. Click here for more information.


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Hall 4, Booth 4B31 / 4B32 Messe Stuttgart, Germany
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