2018 Tebis Open House

Technology days for decision-makers

06/20/2018 - 06/21/2018

Together with many technology partners at our Open House on June 20 and 21, we will be presenting a wide spectrum of technology to ensure your future success, including examples of end-to-end manufacturing processes and effective concepts for optimizing your competitiveness.

We bring it all together

Your processes and our consultants  •  Need for qualified personnel and automation • Design and manufacturing  •  CAD/CAM and MES  •  Planning and control •  
5-axis technology and your requirements  •  Turning and milling • Real manufacturing and virtual manufacturing  •  Tools and management • Quality and cost-effectiveness  •  You and us  •  You and others

The focus is on our high-caliber, international lectured program with guest speakers from education and research, from German and international Tebis users, and from our software development. In addition, we will present technology to align your company for future success, examples of end-to-end manufacturing processes and the latest from Tebis software:

  • 5-axis milling at the highest level
  • Super-fast NC calculation
  • ProLeiS starter packages
  • Convenient management of cutting data
  • Simplified parametric design

Our processes give you results

You need fast and flexible solutions for your customers' applications. With our partners supplying tools, machines, measuring systems and software, we bring it all together and provide you with our industry solutions. Together, we’ll show you a variety of real world examples. Working hands-on with the related parts, you can discuss the best options for your processes with our experts in these industries.

  • High-performance CAD functions for manufacturing preparation, die surfaces and reverse engineering
  • Generate NC programs in a standardized and highly automated process
  • Save time on the machine with the use of high-performance cutter


Our management input for your strategy

For a successful future, your management needs answers to pressing questions regarding qualified personnel, corporate structure and digitization. Bring your management topics to the forefront. Learn how others are proceeding on the path to Industry 4.0 – with our consulting, our CAD/CAM and MES software and with process implementation of strategies decided on in advance.

  • Improved ability to respond to changes
  • Profile enhancement/Industry 4.0
  • Creation of knowledge databases

Our CAD highlights for your part data

We are also continually developing our CAD functions for more powerful CAD/CAM processes. Our specialists will show you what you can look forward to in the next V4.0 releases and in Version 4.1.

  • New Tebis design technology with parameters and solids
  • Simple reverse engineering for die and model manufacturing
  • Data processing for NC programmers
  • Active surface design for die manufacturing

Switching to parametric design is easy, because Tebis continues to support the result-oriented path taken to date.

Our CAM highlights for your NC programs

The success of your manufacturing depends on how well all of the components work together. See what's coming next and how die manufacturing and machine technology are perfectly integrated in Tebis NC programs:

  • New Tebis 5-axis simultaneous milling: Easy to operate, fast and reliable on the machine
  • Faster NC calculations
  • Turning and milling in a single setup
  • New Job Manager for NC machining planning
  • New Tebis tool library with global editing of cutting data
  • New Tebis clamping device library with external links
  • New collision check accounting for material removal
  • New Tebis multi-channel technology for programming of multitasking machines

The new functions for 5-axis milling, available with Tebis 4.0 R6, inspire the experts.

Our MES system for your orders

Use ProLeiS to efficiently and reliably plan and control your manufacturing orders. We offer you easy access to the world of MES with our starter packages. Shortly after startup, you will gain valuable information and enjoy greater reliability in planning and improved equipment utilization. This will also give you a solid foundation for your individual Industry 4.0 strategy.

  • Manufacturing data starter package for managing all manufacturing data and related documents
  • Machine data acquisition (MDA) starter package for transparently representing machine utilization
  • Detailed planning starter package for specific planning and control of manufacturing steps and all resources


About the agenda

  • High-profile presentations by Tebis customers and industry experts (interpreters will provide simultaneous translations) in English and German
  • See examples of Tebis software and services
  • Strategic management information
  • Practical presentations of product innovations
  • Inspiring discussions with Tebis experts from all areas
  • Network with experts and colleagues from your industry
  • Tebis partners at information booths for machines, tools, measuring systems and software

You are cordially invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you.

Recap of Tebis Open House 2017

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Event location

Tebis Technische Informationssysteme AG Einsteinstr. 39 82152 Martinsried/Planegg, Germany
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