A fully operable system in only 4 weeks

LÜNTECH Erodiertechnik relies on Tebis for electrode design and manufacturing


Lüntech GmbH in Werther, Westphalia, is a trans-regional service provider for electrical discharge machining, specializing in wire EDM and sinker EDM. Up through late 2015, LÜNTECH purchased the electrodes, but decided to expand its portfolio in order to increase its value creation by manufacturing electrodes and additional components.

In addition to reducing costs, the objective was to become more independent from suppliers and to be able to respond more quickly to market demands. In the search for a powerful system for electrode design and manufacturing, Tebis quickly stood out: News travels quickly in a small town. Tebis customer CNC Speedform, located in the same vicinity, has already been in the business for many years and spoke highly of the Tebis solutions.

Not only does Tebis provide a system for preparing and manufacturing electrodes, but it can also be used to generate programs with especially high quality surface results in hard milling on the newly acquired HSC milling machines from OPS with outstanding machining possibilities. The Tebis Electrode module also makes it possible to derive electrodes from the mold geometry without special prior knowledge, and to supplement them technically, manage and thus to program them for manufacturing and quality measurement.

Tebis service: Installation, implementation, training

In addition to the relationship with the DCAM eroding software already used in the company, a determining criterion in the selection was Tebis' high implementation competence and availability for support. Over a period of only four weeks in January and February 2016, a Tebis employee set up the workstation for electrode manufacturing, installed and implemented the system and conducted internal training. Tebis Support personnel were able to quickly and competently answer initial questions after commissioning of the system. Jörg Lünstedt, managing director of the company, comments on positive results: "We are very happy with Tebis – both the software as well as the service. We can rely on Tebis personnel, and we can now respond more quickly and independently to customer demands."


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