A perfect fit: Technology and processes for the best results


Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) in Cologne, Germany, operates at a very high technical level in manufacturing with its technology partners DMG Mori Hilden, Mapal and Tebis: Machines, tools, software and processes are ideally matched, resulting in first-class components. In the "New standards in 5-axis technology with the DMC 125 U duoBlock" workshop, Tebis presented software functions that were specially developed with TMG and explained how companies can professionally optimize their processes.

For developing motorsports components and racing cars, maximum precision is an absolute must for Toyota Motorsport GmbH. To achieve the best milling results, the automotive manufacturer relies not only on the perfect interaction of machines, tools and CAD/CAM software, but also on highly advanced, automated processes. Roughly 80 participants from mechanical engineering saw this live at the workshop organized by DMG Mori Hilden on April 5 and 6 in Cologne, Germany. They were especially impressed by the TMG machinery, the highly automated multiple-pallet processing, even for different parts, and the effective process structure.

In their presentations, the three technology partners discussed different factors that affect optimal milling quality. For example, DMG Mori Hilden presented the latest advances in 5-axis milling, including highlights of the DMC 125 U duoBlock, and Mapal presented innovative tool solutions for machining cubic parts.

Process specialist for greater effectiveness

In his presentation, Martin Vortmann, cooperation manager at Tebis AG, emphasized the benefits of optimized process structures, benefits from which TMG is also profiting. As a process specialist, CAD/CAM expert Tebis also supports company projects such as using standardized processes to reduce throughput times, improve machine productivity and automate manufacturing. "With optimized processes, everyone can improve effectiveness and ultimately achieve their company objectives," said Vortmann. "This holds true for everyone, not just industry giants."

In the afternoon, participants had the opportunity to watch live manufacturing on two DMC 125 U duoBlock machines, including a cylinder head for a rally car. At the same time, programming with Tebis was shown at an adjacent Tebis workstation: ranging from ruled geometry processing such as planar machining of surfaces and the creation of bores, threads and gun drilling, to 3D free-form geometry processing of complex parts. Over the years, the close partnership of Tebis and TMG has resulted in new, jointly developed software functions for 5-axis milling. Several of these are now standard parts of the Tebis software packages. Both the demonstration and the workshop were well-received by participants. Because interest was already high in the run up to the event, DMG Mori Hilden plans to repeat the workshop in the near future.


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