CIMdata publishes Tebis White Paper

Tebis classified as a process optimizer and recommended for companies in the model, mold and die manufacturing industries


American consulting and market research company CIMdata has closely examined Tebis's manufacturing solutions and corporate strategy and has summarized its results in a White Paper. CIMdata's independent market researchers specialize in PLM systems (Product Lifecycle Management). One associated area of application is CAD/CAM in manufacturing, Tebis's area of expertise.

In past years, CIMdata’s CAM market report has always ranked Tebis among the top ten independent CAM companies. The reason for this placement was the fact that the company's growth was solely organic, with no mergers or acquisitions. CIMdata now considers Tebis to be one of the largest independent suppliers of CAM solutions. Tebis is a market leader in supporting model, mold and die manufacturers in optimizing their entire manufacturing processes. In terms of software, CIMdata points, in particular, to the automated NC programming as well as the Class-A quality of the surfaces with minimal machine run times.

Growth strategy

According to the report, one characteristic of Tebis's global sales strategy is that, worldwide, the company sells through subsidiaries or local distributors in the respective countries, also offering support and implementation there. CIMdata regards the price model for Tebis products as a key to success, particularly in terms of global growth. This gives customers the option of an individual configuration that can be completely adapted to the specific company's processes and requirements. Thus, getting started with Tebis does not involve high risk and enables a quick ROI. This strategy is supported by the fact that floating licenses are offered in addition to the node-locked licenses. This enables the configuration of workstations that can optimally compete, in terms of price and performance, with low-price products on the market.

Software and services

According to the White Paper, Tebis offers one of the most extensively equipped systems for the manufacturing industry: The technologies supported range from milling, turning, trim machining, laser cutting and hardening all the way to hammer peening, sinker EDM and wire EDM. Tebis has a wide range of CAD functions, integrates virtual machine technology, offers process libraries and template-based standardized programming and is capable of expansion with data management and manufacturing control via the ProLeiS MES. The software products thus cover CAD, CAM and MES processes.
CIMdata emphasizes that Tebis Software and Services are based on the latest technology as well as many years of experience in optimizing manufacturing processes.

While many would be convinced by Tebis's first-class NC software for Class-A surfaces, Tebis sets itself even further apart from other CAM providers through the consulting services it offers. Tebis Consulting offers its customers an analysis of their manufacturing processes, their competitiveness and market position, and evaluates and improves process standards in the customer companies – a prerequisite for profitable production. In performing their work, the consultants strive to accompany the process changes and to ensure a permanent positive effect.

With its software and services, Tebis offers innovative solutions for many critical steps in the process change. CIMdata views this as one of Tebis's greatest strengths, as it enables users to optimize process steps, reduce costs and achieve predictable results.

Typical process steps in die manufacturing


CIMdata performed a very thorough analysis of the function scope in Tebis version 4.0, which was launched in 2015. The market research company comes to the conclusion that Tebis is one of the CAD/CAM providers with the best functions and strategies for geometry preparation and NC programming. An outstanding strength, however, is Tebis's ability to improve its customers' competitiveness and profitability through process changes.

CIMdata concludes the White Paper with a recommendation to companies in the model, die and mold manufacturing industries: They should take a close look at Tebis's offerings if they want to move their companies to the forefront.


The complete White Paper is available for registered users to download. The document is in English.


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