Donation for the Göppingen Hospice


Celebrating while doing good deeds—that’s the tradition of the annual VDWF grill party, which took place in Göppingen, Germany this year. The donation program raised the gratifying sum of EUR 1,500 for the Göppingen Hospice.

At the VDWF grill party around 130 members, relatives and guests not only fed themselves with grilled delicacies, but also fed a giant pink piggy bank with EUR 1,350. Organizers VDWF, Tebis AG and Karl Walter Formen- und Kokillenbau rounded up the sum to EUR 1,500. This year, the event organizers wanted to support a local institution: the Göppingen Hospice.

Donation for commendable work

On August 1, 2017, Heiko Semrau, head of technology at VDWF, Jens Lüdtke, head of Tebis Consulting, and Jens Buchert, managing director of Karl Walter Formen- und Kokillenbau, presented the donation check to Marta Alfia. The manager of the Göppingen Hospice was very pleased by this show of support: The hospice relies on EUR 120,000 in donations every year to stay in operation. Workers and volunteers at the hospice provide end-of-life care around the clock for up to eight terminally ill persons. In the informal building with its idyllic park, guests and their relatives find both support and space for meaningful interactions and farewells.


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