Formula 1 in School - Team rev up at the World Championship in Singapore

Sponsors' meeting in the auditorium of the Unterrieden Sindelfingen high school


On Wednesday, October 28, Team rev up invited its sponsors – including Tebis – to a very special evening. Lively, personable and full of enthusiasm, the pupils of the Unterrieden High School in Sindelfingen and the Lessing High School in Winnenden spoke about their experiences and personal impressions from the multidisciplinary, international technology competition "Formula 1 in school". The high point of the entire program was certainly the world championship in Singapore from September 11 to 18.

In the "Formula 1 in school" technology competition, pupils aged 11 to 19 design a miniature Formula 1 racing car on a computer, create the NC programs and mill it in a wood-like material. They then send their finished model to race against their co-competitors. Top speeds of 120 kilometers per hour are no rarity on the 20-meter long course. All participants have to follow strict guidelines. These include comprehensive competition rules and complex technical specifications. Speed is not the only criterion to determine placement. What counts is the team's performance in their design, manufacturing, response time, vehicle speed, business plan and presentation.

Team rev up (previously Silberform Racing) is a joint team of pupils from the Unterrieden High School in Sindelfingen and the Lessing High School in Winnenden. The organization is highly professional - everyone knows their position and exactly what they have to do. Dominik Stiller is a graphic designer, Maren Kustermann takes care of marketing, Victoria Mau is responsible for team management, Anja Metz is responsible for manufacturing and Felix Mühlenberend for design.

Several hurdles had to be overcome before the young Formula 1 contestants could fly to Singapore for the long-awaited world cup. This included the Baden-Württemberg State Championship in March in the Neckarsulm Audi Forum, where the team won the title of State Champion with ease. They went on to take second overall in the German Championship at the Hockenheimring Speedway in May. The team also secured the special prize for the fastest vehicle with 1.064 seconds, qualifying them for the World Championship.

However, "multidisciplinary" competition means that the participants themselves are also responsible for the overall aspects of their entry. That's why they not only seek financial support; the young participants must give a convincing presentation of their CAD/CAM knowledge, and they have to have software for designing and programming and machines for manufacturing. Tebis provided Team rev up with both financial support and a license for NC programming, and was available with advice and assistance for technical questions. Anja Metz and her teammates visited the Tebis office in Göppingen to learn the secrets of programming.

The team finally took an outstanding eighth place among the total of 47 teams from 23 countries that started in the world championship.

"The school loves it", says Felix Mühlenberend with a slight smile. "But what we experienced here and the life experience we've gained is simply incredible; no-one can take that from us. We will never forget this time."

And anyone who thought they could simply sit back and listen at the sponsors' event quickly learned better. Victoria, Anja, Felix, Maren and Dominik sent their guests to the race track to give them a sense of the competitive atmosphere. First prize was a golden chocolate bear.


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