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MHP Industries Ltd, located in High Wycombe, is a company that has been growing over the years since their establishment in 1972. In order to keep up with competitors in the sector, deal with more sophisticated customer demands and to improve their position in the market, their offer of services was growing too.

Recently MHP introduced Tebis software to their trimming operations and were able to reach an impressive time saving of 20 to 25 % in the course of three months.

“We  decided we wanted to invest in the best type of 5-axis software we could find and that’s why we chose Tebis.”

Hipgrave, director of MHP Ltd., had big ambitions when he agreed for the second time to manufacture the helmets for GB´s cycle team for the Olympics in 2016. The knowledge, he and his team had gathered combined with the 5-axis functionality in Tebis, turned out to be a lucrative idea - including the racing team!

Another reason for Hipgrave to choose Tebis was the user friendly interface and the easy handling - compared to other software that is currently available on the market - of these highly complex programs. The many advantages of this success bringing relationship convinced Hipgrave to use Tebis on his other machines too.



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