Help for the helpers – thanks from Hannöversche Tafel


In the 2015 Christmas campaign "Donations rather than gifts", Tebis supported a total of seven projects including Hannöversche Tafel. Mr. Gora from Hannöversche Tafel visited the Tebis branch in Hannover a few days ago to once again express his personal thanks.

In late 2015, Tebis participated in the financing of a vehicle for Hannöversche Tafel in Hannover. The reason for Mr. Gora's current visit was that the caddy sponsored by Tebis now sports the Tafel and Tebis logos. Although the delivery truck has already been in use for several months, the project to apply the logos is now finished. A significant portion of the Tafel's volunteer work entails logistics, such as transporting the available food. According to Mr. Gora, the Tafel can work more cost-effectively with the new vehicle and can also efficiently complete medium-sized transport and supply operations and other tasks. This charitable organization is operated by two permanent employees and is supported by many volunteers. The main task of the Tafel is to collect food and to distribute it to childcare facilities, schools and shelters for the homeless.

Efe Eribo from Tebis and Horst Gora from Hannöversche Tafel with the caddy in front of the Tebis branch office in Hannover

Social responsibility - campaign "Donations rather than gifts"


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