How will Industry 4.0 work for small and medium-sized companies?

Company forum hosted by Tebis AG in Göppingen


Tebis AG is hosting a free company forum on "Industry 4.0 in SMCs." Jens Lüdtke, head of Tebis Consulting, talks about the current situation, opportunities and risks.

Industry 4.0 and digitizing data—these are two keywords that are heard increasingly frequently and that play an important role in our sector. But what do they actually mean? There's no clear definition of Industry 4.0, which makes the topic less tangible for many companies. This will be the focus of the "Industry 4.0 in SMCs" company forum on Wednesday, February 22. Small and medium-sized companies in particular are confronted with many new possibilities, whose benefits they can't easily evaluate. Is there any benefit at all to getting started, and how can companies make their efforts successful?

It's definitely worth it—Jens Lüdtke, head of Tebis Consulting is convinced. With Industry 4.0, companies can achieve competitive advantages by improving their processes and becoming more flexible, thus increasing productivity and profitability. Participants will learn how small and medium-sized companies have implemented Industry 4.0 in the past and how to get started.

The company forum "Industry 4.0 in SMCs" will be held in the Tebis branch at Stuttgarter Straße 67 in Göppingen from 7 pm to 10 pm on Wednesday, February 22. Register here for this free event.


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